Adopt A Tapir

Adopt a Tapir

Despite having few natural predators due to their size and pace, the tapir is yet another species that is under threat primarily due to the actions of mankind – through hunting and the destruction of its woodland habitat.

Tapir Adoption : The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in the UK to protect rare and endangered animals, and return them to protected areas in the wild. It is a sad fact that humans are likely to cause the extinction of a quarter of all known species in the next 20 years, unless we work together to protect them now.

By adopting a Tapir today you will be giving the species a chance of survival for the future. Just £19.99 will help to protect, feed, keep healthy and enriched through play, the tapirs in care through The Aspinall Foundation around the world.

About the Tapirs: Tengui is one of the tapirs being cared for at Port Lympne and was born there in February 2006 – however she now weighs a more substantial 350Kg! Tengui was born with white spots which have disappeared as she has grown older. She adores swimming almost as much as she enjoys eating! Efforts are being made to find Tengui a mate and there are hopes that she will become a mother herself within the next couple of years.

Animal adoptions make wonderful ethical gifts so why not treat a friend or family member to one of the fantastic tapir adoption boxes and be safe in the knowledge that you have contributed towards helping the tapir species to survive.


The tapir adoption box is no longer available, but you can sponsor a tapir. Click here for details!